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GR 2 Graffiti remover is a strong, fast-acting, liquid graffiti remover for exterior and interior surfaces.


It safely penetrates and loosens graffiti and makes it easy to remove. It is specifically formulated for use on many different non-porous surfaces including pre-finished metal and powder coated surfaces such as overhead doors, colour bonded fencing, post boxes, signal boxes, traffic signs, painted metal surfaces and any other metal surfaces.


(GR 2Graffiti Remover is not recommended for rubber and plastic surfaces, Sign Safe or General Purpose Graffiti remover may be more suitable on signs printed with printers ink)


GR 2 Graffiti Remover dramatically reduces the time it takes to remove graffiti, one application is effective in removing the typical graffiti, with no damage to the original underlying surface, within minutes saving significant time and labour costs.


Coverage Varies dependent on the type of surface material 0.2 - 0.5 litre/m²


5 Litres



Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

GR2 Graffiti Remover for Metal

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