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A Tin of Graffgo graffiti removal and grafitti protection

Graffiti Removal & Protection

We specialise in graffiti removal and grafitti protection.

Our Anit-Graffiti coating  applied to the desired surface, graffiti, stickers and posters can be cleaned off with just water, so no detergents required. However should you be in the situation of needing to remove graffiti from any surfaces our

NEW range of graffiti removal products will make easy work of paint, sprays, graffiti, posters and sticker residue.

Sponsored Rider Lily Stebbings aka Shadow The Unicorn

Photo 10-07-2021, 19 22 48.jpg
We look forward to seeing Lily out and about at competitions and watching her latest YouTube vlogs, which will also include our products, subscribe to her channel and follow her on instagram for the latest news!

Enviro Cleaning Solutions are delighted to have recently added young dressage rider and equestrian vlogger 

Lily Stebbings to the team as a sponsored rider. 


One of her horses which is shown on the left even shares the name of our window and tile cleaning product 'Diamond'


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